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There are a number of ways that we might be able to assist you with your production or entertainment production:

1. We Do the Whole Job

Lighting, Sound and full production coordination may look easy but it's not always that way. Good shows require experienced people. You want the show executed in the right way and you want problems dealt with quickly when they occur. Our specialty is professionally doing the job.

2. Equipment Rentals

We have plenty of nice items for you to rent if you have the desire and the skills to do your own Sound and Lighting. Anything we don't have in our warehouse, there is a good chance that our associates do in theirs.

3. Assisted Rentals

Sometimes economics tells us that it doesn't make sense for us to run or coordinate your whole show. At the same time you may still want our help and our equipment. The "assisted rental" may be be the answer. We'll put together a package of equipment that'll work for you. We'll deliver it, We'll set it up. We'll teach you how to run it. When the show is done, we'll take it all down and away.

Some steps toward the final price proposal:

1. Give us your show dates and location of show.
2. If you want to rent equipment, tell us what you'd like.
3. For all else, Tell us about your show or program:
  a. What are you trying to do?
b. What sound, lighting and effects will you need?
c. What other types of services or assistance are you looking for?
d. Do you have a budget in mind?
e. How many shows will you do?
f. How long will they last?
g. How many rehearsals?
h. How long will they last?
4. If you are renting equipment:
  - Do you want it delivered or do you want to pick it up?
  - Remember, sound and lighting can be heavy, bulky, and fragile. If something happens to it while you are transporting it you have assumed responsibility for the broken item(s).
5. For shows we coordinate, consult or design, the site is of great importance. If we have never been there, we arrange a visit. We measure, we photograph, we plan.
6. We'll get a "plan proposal" to you in the form of an estimate. Every lamp, cable, dimmer, microphone, amp, other piece of equipment, supply and service (and the cost of each) is listed. Labor Charge (if any) and delivery fees (if applicable) will be listed too.

7. If you like it -- we book it.

If you don't -- we will revise it until you do or quietly go away (though we do prefer the first ...HAHAHA!!!!).

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