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So why did we start a Prop and Wardrobe company?

Well the President and CEO of our company also tends to be a collector - his wife calls him a junk collector - he feels he is a professional collector and they prefer to be called "Pack Rats". He also got even more bitten by the props and stage dressing biz while providing props and materials for the filming of "Me, Myself and Irene" in Vermont and helping to provide wardrobe items to what was going to be a filming of some scenes from one of the "Batman" movies that never transpired.

So what do you do when you have an insatiable interest in all things production - both stage and film - and collect stuff - especially props and wardrobe from previous work, productions and events - and other stuff as well? You start a Prop & Wardrobe Rental Company or in this case a Prop and Rental Division to an already existing company. TimKath Enterprises Productions Prop Shop is exactly that.

Because of our President's lifelong work - in addition to TimKath - in Emergency Services - one of our specialty areas is providing props and wardrobe related to Fire, EMS, Police, Security, and Military but we have all kinds of other things as well and the collection continues to grow.

So... whether you are a one person independent filmmaker, a school, a large film producer or someone just thinking of putting together a production or event ... we'd love to help your production in any way that we can.

If we don't have a prop you need we do have a lot of contacts in the state and beyond and also offer a "Prop Find Service" to help you locate what you need for your production.

Just as a note - we also offer Graphic Design services for many projects as well. You can ask for more information on this when you contact us.

Check out all of our prop shop pages using the links at the left; check out our marketplace to place your order or send us an e-mail with you request and we will touch base with you to finalize your request. Please be patient as we continue to add new items to our inventory and new pages to our website. You can also check out some of our other projects right from our main page.
For more information or to contact us for any reason you can e-mail our President and CEO at




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